EAGLE in Turkey





6 responses to “EAGLE in Turkey”

  1. Osman Avatar

    Hello. I read that book twice. And waiting for its second. I searched everywhere but I didn’t find its translation. Do you know where I can find the second books turkish translation? Thanks(mail me pls)

  2. Jack Avatar

    Sorry for the very delayed reply. I’m glad you enjoyed EAGLE. KINGDOM should be out in Turkish shortly (if it isn’t already).

  3. Serkan Avatar

    still waiting for the holy war and siege in Turkish.

  4. Jack Avatar

    I believe Holy War should be out soon. Unfortunately, Siege will not be coming out in Turkish. It was picked up by a publisher, but ran afoul of government censors who seem to have disproved of my fictional portrayal of Mehmed II.

  5. Serkan Avatar

    still waiting for the holy war. Any update about release date?

  6. Ersin Avatar

    I read Eagle. I think you are so objective to the subject. Congratulations

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