Thoughts on Paris

Atrocity. Civil war. Growing up in a world filled with horrors we cannot imagine. Living with no hope of a better future. These things break people. Broken people are dangerous. They break more things. In the wake of the Paris attacks, in the midst of the pain, anger, and incomprehension we are all feeling, I hope we can somehow cling to the truth that the only way to stop this cycle of violence is to fix things, to mend broken people. We need not be naive; bloodshed will no doubt be necessary to create a space in which this work can begin. But let us not make bloodshed and destruction our only goal. We all want to destroy ISIS and stop terrorism. To do so, we must all work together to try to heal the broken people of this world, and to protect the innocent from the sharp edges that would break them. My heart goes out to everyone in Paris. Vive la France.




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