Holy War Jacket For Webpage
Saladin has been defeated, and Baldwin rules once more, with the Saxon knight John of Tatewic at his side. Yet all is not well in the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Baldwin is slowly dying, and rival factions divide the kingdom as they plot for the throne. Meanwhile, Saladin has gathered an army the likes of which the Holy Land has never seen. In June 1187, he marches on the Kingdom at the head of twenty four thousand men. He has sworn to take Jerusalem, or die trying. But even as the two armies march towards their climactic confrontation, a new threat is rising far away, across the sea. In England, the soon-to-be crowned Richard has taken up the cross. He is the greatest warrior of his age, an enemy unlike any Saladin has faced. And the Lionheart is coming…

Click here for a sneak peek at Chapter 1 of HOLY WAR…


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